Why blogging?

To be quite honest, I have been contemplating vlogging and blogging for some time. It started as just wanting an account of the changes that were taking place in my life, a timeline of growth. 

Youtube has always been interesting, but lets face it: when something comes upon our heart to pour out into others, it can be a hastle to find a quiet place with appropriate lighting, not to mention making sure your hair isn’t a hot mess and that you are atleast somewhat presentable, right? Then, I always seemed to record the same thing a million times and by the end of it, I had completely ventured away from the topic I wanted to share.

On the contrary, here I am writing this in my pj’s rocking my bed head while sipping on hot broth, cuddled on my couch in a blanket, resting off a sore throat, and you had no idea. 

Over the years I have searched for stories of people who were experiencing some of the things I was experiencing in life: exploring the world of entrepreneurship, battling with infertility, how to improve nutrition, traveling the world, becoming more spiritual, juggling many roles, all things marriage, etc.

If you have searched for similar topics, stick around. 

I have determined that I have a story that can help someone else, as many others’ stories have helped me.

Hopefully, you will find as much value from my experience as I have.